World Ambassador Program


Welcome to the World Ambassador Program

This is where world class teachers help young world ambassadors bring out the best in themselves.

Through stories from many cultures, games, songs, biographies of real people making the world a better place, activities and art, students become aware of the world around them.

They explore the differences and appreciate the similarities that we all share through fun stories with characters that they can easily identify with.

They get hands-on experience through fun games and art projects.  Every class has variety and addresses each learning style.

They practice goal setting and long term planning.

They learn the importance of virtue in their everyday lives and how the values we all share connect us to every other person on the planet.

They read about heroes, past and present, who embody the World Ambassador traits such as perseverance, honesty and creativity.

World Ambassador classes are active, fun, cooperative and full of life!

In our constantly changing global society, the children of today will be living, playing and working with people from many cultures tomorrow. A well-educated person of today is a life-long learner.  He or she knows that it’s not only knowledge that creates success, but a positive, respectful, open-minded attitude and a commitment to excellence in all things.

After participating in this program students will know that we may look different, speak different languages and live in different places, but we are all members of one human family.  We love and learn from our parents, teachers, friends and neighbors. We must care for and protect our environment, the animals and peoples of the world.  We believe in a set of universal values that includes truthfulness, kindness and responsibility.  We treat others the way we want to be treated and do the best in everything we do. We want to make the world a better place.

We are World Ambassadors.

Cindy Savage, Creator and Founder

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